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Winter/Spring 2024

January 8- June 9th 

No class: 3/24-3/30 & 5/27

Families are invited to an in-studio progress demonstration the last class before spring break and a Community Performance on June 9th. 

Pay half now and receive an invoice for the second payment due in March or Pay full now and receive a discount. 



3:40-4:10pm Creative Movement (Ages 4-5)

4:15-5pm Jazz Funk (Ages 6-8)

5:15-6pm Contemporary (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7pm Ballet (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm Contemporary (Ages 9-11)



10:30-11:15am Adult/ Teen Hula

3:45-4:15pm Tiny Tappers (Ages 4-5)

4:30-5pm Children’s Ballet (Ages 4-5)

5:15-6pm Acro Jazz (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7:15pm Contemporary Level II (Ages 12+)



4:15-5pm Tap (Ages 6-8)

5:15-6pm Tap (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7pm Tap (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm Adult Tap



4:30-5pm Children’s Ballet (Ages 4-5)

5:15-6pm Jazz Funk (Ages 9-11)

6:15-7pm Acro Jazz (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm Contemporary Level I (Ages 12+)



4:15-5:15pm Jazz Technique (Ages 12+)

5:30-6:30pm Teen Ballet (Ages 12+)

6:45-7:45pm Adult Ballet



9:15-10am Ballet (Ages 6-8)


Summer 2024

June 24th- August 2nd

No class July 4th



3:40-4:10pm Creative Movement (Ages 4-5) w/ Jessie

4:15-5pm Jazz Funk (Ages 6-8) w/ Jessie

5:15-6pm Adult & Teen Tap w/ Cas (6/17-7/8)

6:15-7pm Contemporary (Ages 6-8) w/ Brandee

7:15-8pm Contemporary (Ages 9-11) w/ Brandee



3:45-4:15pm Tiny Tappers (Ages 4-5) w/ Marina

4:30-5pm Children’s Ballet (Ages 4-5) w/ Marina

5:15-6pm Acro Jazz (Ages 6-8) w/ Marina

6:15-7:15pm Contemporary (Ages 12+) w/ Marina


Wednesday Workshops: ages 11+, 6-7:30pm 

June 26th: Intermediate Tap w/ Cas 

July 10th: Improve & Theater w/ Annabelle 

July 24th: Jazz Funk w/ Amy

July 31: Flexibility w/ Brandee


3:15-4pm Tap (Ages 6-8) w/ Amy

4:15-5pm Tap (Ages 9-12) w/ Amy

5:15-6pm Jazz Funk (Ages 9-11) w/ Amy

6:15-7pm Acro Jazz (Ages 9-11) w/ Brandee

7:15-8pm Jazz Funk (Ages 12+) w/ Brandee



4:15-5pm Ballet (Ages 6-10) w/ Sarah

5:15-6:15 Ballet & Jazz Technique (Ages 11+) w/ Sarah

6:30-7:15 Adult Ballet w/ Sarah


Sunday Workshop: ages 11-Adult, 6-730pm 

July 7th: Beginning Tap w/ Cas

Camps Ages 6-10, 9am - Noon  

June 24th- 28th Ballet & Contemporary w/ Annabelle 

July 8th-12th Tap w/ Cas 

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