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Winter/Spring 2023 

January 17- June 3rd 

No class: 1/17, 3/27-4/1, 5/29


4:15-5pm Jazz Funk 6-10 

5:15-6pm Contemporary 6-8 

6:15-7pm Ballet 9-11 yrs old 

7:15-8pm Contemporary 9-11 yrs old 



3:45-4:15 pm Children’s Ballet  4-5 

4:30- 5pm Tiny Tappers 4-5 yrs old 

5:15- 6pm Contemporary Level II  12+ 

6:15-7pm Keiki Hula 7+ 

7:15-8pm Hula Level II for Adults (Intermediate)



10:15-11am Hula Level I for Adults (Beginning) 

4:15-5pm Tap 9-11yrs 

5:15-6pm Tap 6-8 yrs old 

6:15-7pm Tap Teens (12+) 

7:15-8pm Adult Tap Level II (beginning/intermediate ) 



3:30-4pm Children’s Ballet  4-5 

4:15-5pm Ballet 6-8 yrs old

5:15-6pm Jazz 9-11 yrs old

6:15-7pm: Contemporary Level I 12+ yrs

7:15-8pm: Jazz Technique/ Dance Team prep 12+



4:15-5pm Jazz 6-8 yrs old 

5:15-6pm Teen Ballet 12+ 

6:15-7pm Adult Beginning Ballet 



9:30-10am Ballet 4-5 yrs old 

10:15-11am Jazz 6-8 yrs

11:15-Noon: Adult Tap Level I (beginning)

Summer 2023 

June 20- July 31 

No class: 6/19 & 7/4

Weekly Class Schedule: 


4:15-5pm Jazz Funk (Ages 6-10)

5:15-6pm Contemporary (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7pm Ballet (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm Contemporary (Ages 9-11) 



4:30- 5pm Tiny Tappers (Ages 4-5)

5:15- 6pm Contemporary Level II (Ages 12+)

6:15-7pm Acro Jazz (Ages 6-10)

7:15-8pm Contemporary Level I (Ages 12+)



5:15-6pm Tap (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7pm Tap (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm Adult Tap Level II 



4:30-5pm Ballet (Ages 4-5)

5:15-6pm Ballet (Ages 6-8)

6:15-7pm Jazz (Ages 9-11)

7:15-8pm: Jazz Technique (Ages 12+)



6:15-7pm Adult Ballet (June 30- July 21)



9:30-10am Ballet (Ages 4-5)

10:15-11am Jazz (Ages 6-8)  


Workshops *One time dates*

June 26th: 11am- 1pm Jazz Funk (Amber)

July 9th: 11am- 1pm Flexibility (Brandee)

July 16th: 11am- 1pm Turns & Jumps (Sarah)


Camps: *Week long camps*

Ballet July 10-14 (Sarah)

Contemporary July 17-21 (Arly)

Acro Jazz Aug 7th-Aug 11th (Marina)


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