General Studio Etiquette

  • Come ready to learn and have fun!

  • Once on the floor, you're expected to stay on the dance floor until break

  • Listen when teacher is talking

  • No gum in class

  • Bring a water bottle

  • No phones/electronics (even on break), unless used to record choreography at the end of class 

  • Use bathroom before or after class

  • Please wash hands before class

  • Do not wear dance shoes outside (including hip hop sneakers)/Only dance shoes on the dance floor

  • No food in studio please

  • The lobby should remain a quiet space while class is in progress

  • Kids are expected to wait inside for their pick up

  • If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re injured, come to class and watch, take notes, video, etc.

  • Attire: No jeans/denim or ‘jeggings’

          Ballet- leotard, tights, optional skirt, ballet slippers

   Jazz- fitted, flexible clothes (ex. leggings), jazz shoes

   Tap- fitted, flexible clothes (ex. leggings), tap shoes

   Contemporary- fitted, flexible clothes (ex. leggings), barefoot or socks

   Hip hop- comfortable, flexible clothes, clean dance sneakers

   Hula- fitted, flexible clothes (ex. leggings), barefoot


***Please review Covid-19 News for additional safety & etiquette at this time***