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Mondays 5:15pm Contemporary for 6-8 yrs old

This class is perfect for young dancers who are interested in exploring the art of contemporary dance. Our Mondays 5:15pm Contemporary class is designed to introduce dancers to the essential basics of contemporary technique, helping them build a foundation to become expressive dancers. Through creative movement and exploration, this class encourages students to gain a better understanding of body control and musicality. We provide a safe and supportive environment where young dancers can express themselves and have fun while learning.


Families are invited to an in-studio performance on December 4th at 6pm. 


Contemporary for 6-8 yrs old w/ Annabelle Stern

Mondays September 18th- December 4th


(no class Fall break, Nov 20-25)

Mondays 5:15pm Contemporary for 6-8 yrs old

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